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Nap Time Blues...

Posted Oct 05 2008 12:00am

It's been a hard couple of weeks. For some reason the kids have decided that they no longer need to take a nap during the day. They aren't even 2 1/2 yet!

I've tried it all. When I say, I've tried it all....I REALLY MEAN THAT I'VE TRIED IT ALL!! I won't bore you with the details. I'm hoping this a phase. I'm NOT giving up the fight!! :) 

I'm keeping them as busy as ever. They spend hours running and playing outside. We have play dates and therapy appointments. We visit family and friends, we take long walks, they run laps in the nearby field, we ride bikes, we go to the store, we go to the zoo, we sing, we dance and then, we mellow out before lunch and get ready for nap time. At this rate we might as well be training for a marathon! Something has got to give!

At night they go to bed without issue and sleep great until morning. This is likely a result of the four hour melt down from 2pm-6pm every single day. Without a nap they are a MESS by 2pm. Tantrums are in full force, fighting is at it's peak, time outs are a common occurrence and my patience is SHOT! By the time dinner, bath, and bed come, they can't keep those 8 little eyes open and they melt right into bed.  

Back when they DID nap, I didn't realize what a recharge that 1 hour of quiet  was for them and for me. My "tricks" were a BEAUTIFUL thing, while they lasted! Ahhhh the good old days.

We have an exciting week ahead of us. My sister is getting married! We are thrilled to have TONS of family and friends coming into town. Maybe when all the excitement is over they will SLEEP!  

I know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS! The last three weeks I have tried so hard to remember a few simple things and find ways to cope with the LONG days...

-Enjoy the here and now.
-Laugh when you want to cry.
-ALWAYS remember how lucky we are.
-Take lots of pictures. 
-And my go to move....Write a CHEESY poem....

And Ode To The No Nap Crap!

So you don't want to nap? It's not as simple as that!
Your only 2 and your tired as can be... and in all honesty, I need a moment of time that just for me!

Nap time isn't just for kids it's for mommy's too. 

While you slumber we're on the phone with the plumber...

"Yes, she shoved her doll down the potty again, Friday is GREAT we will see you then!"

The laundry isn't going to fold itself and the dishes won't magically sparkle. The windows need cleaning and mommy NEEDS a shower. .. I sure DO NOT smell like a flower! 

I love you little ones with all my heart. I think it's great that your so darn smart! You've ganged up against me and think you've won. But let me tell you something, the tricks up my sleeve have just begun.

I may be at a loss tonight, but you bet your little bottoms I won't give up this fight! 

Tomorrow is a new day! 

Four pooped little peeps and one beat up mommy....

"Mommy, is it ever going to be cold enough to wear my new jacket?"
-Molly, ready for Fall 
"I love you Ally, even when you don't nap and scream for 4 hours straight!"
"Who me, TIRED? Nah, not a bit!"
-Itty Bitty Libby
"I'll NEVER sleep, ha ha ha ha!"
-Russell the tired little man
"Maybe if I act cute and cuddle up she won't make me go to bed!"
-Libs and Mommy
Bright eyed Ally
"Think we're safe in here?"
-Libby and Russ (taking cover)
"Geez Molly, have you ever heard of personal space?"

"Come on girls, mom says it's time for bed!"
"Russell Man, I know just how you feel buddy!"

Have a great week everyone!

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