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my tips on keeping goals and resolutions

Posted Dec 30 2010 5:43pm
Oh yes.
It's that time of year.
The most wonderful time of the year.
Besides my birthday.Obviously.
I mean, can you believe we are just one day away from a brand new year??
Are you dying?
Just me?
Ya, so I am a big lover of the New Year, and I begin my excitement about a month before when I begin to reminisce over my previous year and all that I've accomplished and all that I've learned.  I spend time with my journal (or blog) and do my best to put it all into words.
And then comes the time for growth.  
I begin to ponder as to what I fell short on, what I learned but want to be better at, what I can add or take away, improve or discard.  I seriously think about. it. all.
Over the last couple of years Jimmy and I have started a little tradition that has been crazy helpful in finding success and I thought I'd share it with you.
I know so many people aren't a fan of resolutions because they never take....but you guys, they can!  It's all just a matter of how you make them, and how you set out to achieve them.
So take notes....literally.
il_570xN.96603571 {image seen here}
~ Begin with the pondering.Sometimes it helps to have a glass of wine.Just make sure you have a notebook and pen to jot down the thoughts, especially if you have the wine...cause you definitely want to remember it all later.
~ Next, try your best to think of reasonable changes and goals you want to make.We like to categorize ours under the subjects:Heart/Spirit, Mind, Body, and Family.It's also best to make clear defined goals rather than a big blanket goal, such as:lose and keep off those last five poundsinstead of:lose weightOr:work out 3 times a weekinstead of:start working outSee what I mean?
~ Write them down.Take a sheet of paper and title it, "My 2011 goals."Then write the subtitle, Heart.Under heart, write out your goals that pertain to your heart/spirit (spiritual).You'll then move on to the others, Mind, Body, and Family until your list is complete.
~ Display the list where you will see it daily.Once we have our goals written up all pretty like, we put them up where we will see them on a daily basis.There is nothing like being faced with your goals every time you look in the mirror.Last year we taped them on our master bathroom mirrors.This year, I'm putting them on the wall inside my closet.
It's kinda cool when I take down the old years goals cause before I file them away in my notebook, I spend time looking over what I've accomplished and what I still have to work on.I even put a check mark next to the ones I felt I fully accomplished.And after a few years of doing this, you'll have lots to reflect on and even one day you can share them with your kids.
Little side note....While it's important to be okay with who we are, I believe we should never stop striving towards growth.And honestly, when better to begin those changes, than the New Year?
Tomorrow I'll have a couple lil tips to help you in certain specific goals....hopefully they'll help!
© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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