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My Suzette account was suspended?!

Posted Jan 05 2010 3:50pm

Yesterday, when I was trying to reply to a comment, one moment I could see the comment and the next moment I clicked “Reply”, the whole account was suspended.

I couldn’t get in at all, and no one could see my blog.

I checked with the host, and was informed that this site has compromised the integrity of the hosting server, and was due to unusual spike in traffic. But hor, I checked my statcounter account, nothing unusual wor…

So, the whole evening, my blog was unaccessible. :(

And to solve that, I have to pay a premium. Split this blog and SuzetteCooks into 2 individual standard account. Fire-fighting to make decisions and to solve this until midnight. :(

This is back to the original arrangement when these blogs were originally hosted with LcF. Jason laughed at me when I did that, and recommended me to host these 2 blogs within 1 account and switched host. I took his advice, and wasted quite a lot (paid LcF in full already and of course no refund lah!).

Now, I am reverting back to the same arrangement, but more expensive. I know I am paying for better quality of service, but honestly I am worried about funding.

Now that I have stopped all my link-selling businesses, I have no more new ‘blog fund’ coming in. I used to have steady income of USD70-100 per month, without doing anything. I stopped investing time in selling, it reduced to USD30 per month. To protect my blog from penalized by Google (kena once before), I have decided to stop these incomes altogether since few months ago.

So, I have no more income, yet am paying so much to host the sites. I think I cannot spend my PayPal money that carelessly anymore! Used to think they are easy money, bought lots of goods from eBay, and now not much left!!

Either I stop using them and reserve them for my next few year’s hosting expenses, or re-start selling links again. Hmm… struggle…

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