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My stubborn cough

Posted Aug 10 2010 10:27am

I have been having this stubborn cough lasted for about 5 or 6 months, started since the 4th month started working in Mid Valley. It just couldn’t heal. Up to a point my lungs were so bad that I just couldn’t sing at all, not even on Sunday worship!

The cough wasn’t very bad but it just kept coming. Even after healed, about a week it would come back.

My doctor said it wasn’t viral nor bacteria, and suspected that I must be allergic to something. I think it must be the office!

And sure enough, no cure, except to quit working there.

Since 2nd week after I stopped going to that office, the cough just miraculously disappeared. And it never came back (praise Lord)! Now on Sundays, I can sing all the songs, high pitch, all okay, never had the sharp pain or got caught in fits of coughing.

This really proved my doctor right! Hahaha!

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