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My Son TrainsIn a Serious Way

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:04pm

Every now and then, I take Seth to work to give him an idea of where I disappear to 60 hours a week. Last year we drove, but this time we took the train. Like many boys his age, Seth gets completely lost in the world of Thomas & Friends.

We arrived at the platform with a little extra time to explore. Montclair Transit Center is not the most interesting place, but fortunately a long freight train screamed past just a few feet from our noses. From this point on, Seth commented several times on how LOUD trains are. He is so my son.

Once on the train, Seth was completely absorbed by the window view. Metrolink passenger cars are clean, two-story deals with enormous windows – there is even a notice that they weigh 65 pounds each – that provide magnificent views of the passing scenery.

Seth continuously asked questions, like: “Dad, is this our stop?” or “Dad, are we going fast yet?” My answers failed to satisfy him.

The thing is, it’s difficult to tell you are moving fast on these trains because they slide so smoothly down the track. So I would explain yes, we’re moving fast, or no, we slowed down to let another train pass by. Seth jumped when a train going the opposite direction flew by at 60 mph just feet away from his window.

At Union Station, Seth enjoyed the down, down, down escalator ride to the subway. We only go one stop, but the ride back up on an even larger escalator serves as another adventure.

Work was boring, so I’ll jump to the return trip. On the way home, I left some time for us to explore Union Station, which is an architectural marvel. I bought a bagel to share and then we went up to the platform.

The train was 30 minutes late. At first, it was okay because we watched other trains come and go, but our platform was hot and crowded; we both were becoming tired. Both of us were relieved when the train arrived.

Other than Seth falling off the seat at one point – he wasn’t hurt – the rest of the ride was uneventful. Rather than ask a million questions this time, Seth stared out the window and began talking about various Thomas train cars and the scenery outside. I suspect he was merging the real world with is imaginative one.

I may be out on a limb here, but I’m guessing this trip was right on track.

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