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My son is very intense. He talks constantly and loudly and doesn't have a concept of personal space with friends.

Posted by Dani

I'm worried about this ruining his friendships
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I have a tenyr old son who was like this at age 2!  He would overbear the playground or totally withdraw because he was to loud and the kids didnt want to play with him. I put him preschool with an emphasis on social skills. He was getting on and off the bus at age 2.5. He went to school for like 2 hrs. I dont know how old your boy is? but this really worked out for me. And he is a very polite boy now, still loud at times but hes a boy. Hope this helps.
Yeah...I forgot to include that important info. He's 8!!! But your answer does help. I never thought to get him into something for social skills specifically. Im sure theres something in our area. It may be more work because he's not 2 years old but it would be worth it.  Amazingly, he's quite popular, especially with older kids. His two best friends are 11. This concerns me. They are good kids but I don't want my son knowing about certain things earlier than he should. I just worry that eventually, it will start to affect his relationships. I mean, I'm his mom--I love him more than life itself and I find it hard to be around him sometimes! Sorry for babbling
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