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My secret weapon

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:28pm

In the past few posts I have complained about the fact that Ella has now embraced the terrible twos. Today, I discovered why they really are not all that terrible after all. Ella has proven herself to be my secret weapon. Low flush toilets are great in theory, not so great in practicality. Our toilets require a two flush minimum for number twos most of the time. My husband isn't always great at remembering that fact, and many times for lack of a better word there are some "files" left over from his "job". I usually notice this while bathing the kiddos. This evening I was grumbling out loud cleaning the toilet while the kiddos frolicked in the bath (more like pored water all over the bathroom floor) . Jeff got home late, and as usual around 9:30 Ella needs to go potty. Jeff took her in and was about to sit Ella on the potty when she let him have it. "Daddy, you no flush potty. Mommy clean potty. Naughty. Mommy clean it. You flush after poo poo . Make Mommy angry, naughty" I over heard this and peeked around the corner. She was wagging her little finger in the air with her hand on her hip while teaching her daddy a lesson. It was GREAT!!! Score one for Mommy!!!
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