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My rock star diary part 7

Posted Nov 01 2010 12:00am

After spending the remainder of my day on my board in the sun. My feet sunk into the white sands of the beach. Tiny little shells peeking at me. Unable to let the moment go, I sat down in the sand.
Not something that I get so often now a days.

He sat down next to me, neither of us speaking. A moment of mutual understanding. A moment that lasted many. I know that we were both reminiscing about days past and our thought of days to become..who would have thought? I knew I wanted different but never thought that I'd be sitting on the same sands that I would cry and write on. The same sands that I vowed to never come back to.
I never thought I would have left, mind you return to leave again.
A life style that isn't for me.

I ran away here as a young teenager. I had the same thought that most do when they run away to California. Freedom and fun. The problem you see lied with both. Because I lacked a family, there was no boundaries for me. I came and went as I pleased. I did what I wanted when I wanted. As if with anyone, I proceeded to get in trouble, and not always the good kind.

Stealing from local grocery stores to eat. I still think that they most have known what we were doing.
I hardly traveled or stole, alone. I had a younger girl that tagged with me on most days. I always felt that maternal feeling with her. Probably because she was significantly younger than myself. Her name was " Little Bit", obviously not her real name. But who had real names? Lost souls with no names....
I showed Little Bit my survival techniques. How to steal and eat. How to steal clothes. How to beg for money. How to get free food. How to steal valuable items from stores and resell them. How to keep on keeping on...
Me and Little Bit were an odd team. I older than her, and more experienced. Little Bit, a tad more crazier. We both had an awesome sense of humor and an awesome sense of life.
We would both ponder the world together.
What if's and how comes.......
We often slept/squat together as well (squatting)...(not that kind of pervert!)
You instantly form a bond with some after you've squatted for some time....
I vowed that Little Bit was going to go places with me.......and she did!

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