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My Rock Star Diary part 5

Posted Nov 01 2010 12:00am

Part one
Part Two

Part Four

I'm greeted by a muscular set of arms that pull me into his shoulder. I inhale the same familiar smell of his longish hair.
"Nice to see you've changed," I said.
He looks at me confused.
"What a greeting" he replied.
" No, I meant your smell, I said laughing.
" You smell the same to me as you always have, I'm still unsure if it's just your deodorant or your hair shit, but's the smell of comfort to me".
As he ever so lightly kissed my forehead.

At this very given moment, I feel like crying. Now, I'm usually a very un-emotionaless person, but at this very given moment, it felt sooooo fucking good.
The only way that I can explain it is, going back home. Going back to a safe spot, an area that's only yours and just yours.

An open spot in your heart that's only filled during these times. A feeling of curable homesickness that you know won't last forever, but wish it would.

A feeling..................

I am with a very familiar person, In a very large unfamiliar house. A feeling of homesick creeps up on me. I kind of miss home, but this is my home too.....My roots.......

He directs me into a very large guest room as I drop my bag onto the floor. My surfboard greeting me in the corner. I go over to touch it, chips, nicks and all. The site of this historical piece, brings instant happiness. Ahhh the memories I've had with this board.
Funky art hanging on the walls, a minor fascination with the naked body.
Grandiousity, something that I will never obtain.
While in awww, I suddenly hear an all too familiar sound.

The pitter patter of little feets on hard wood.This sound instantly makes me think of my own little man. The pitter patter is soon accompanied by another set of foot steps.
A pretty young woman, a nanny......A young woman not of American ethnicity..
Geez, how my life would be so much easier with a nanny, I thought.
It was this very thought that made me think " Holy Shit! our lives have changed!
His smile ever so priceless and authentic, as he was picking up his "little man".

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