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My replacement Suunto M5 and new printer

Posted Oct 05 2012 6:02am
From The Suzette

Well, I have been quite unfortunate lately that most of my purchase gone kaput or with problems this year.

First, in Jan, my Suunto M5 showed some problems with its virtual trainer (software issue), after trying to fix it myself by reseting it with various methods, didn’t work. Early Mar, sent to the dealer for repair. It took them 5 weeks to do the testing and finally returned to me. But it happened again and sent back in June. Took them 4 months to finally get back to me TODAY! This morning, I was so happy to receive a call from them, and quickly went in the afternoon to collect my watch. I had thought after sending it all the way to Finland (ya, they said they returned it to Finland wor), they would probably just restore the firmware, but no! Look at what I got!!

It is a brand new box. I don’t understand why the guy said he needed to test it for a few days, when I called to enquire last week. If it is a new one, where is the testing? It really is mint in box. And… the best surprise for me is… well, when it is mint-in-box, it also means the Chest Belt is also included. :D :D This is my bonus. Wahahahaha!!!! It really made up my day! :D Also, they are giving me same warranty – 1 year from today! Yay! Well, think of it, half of the past 1 year my watch was with the dealer, I have only used it 6-7 months! So, I guess it is fair hor?

Okay, the second item I’ve had issue was my Epson printer that I bought mid last year. Just 1 month after warranty expired, the printer also expired! @_@ I just couldn’t switch it on. After leaving it with the service center for 2 months, they told me they can’t get the company to fix foc, I have to pay. And the damage is in the main board, so the cost is RM200-300. So, I’ve decided to get a new one. With that price, getting a new one with new technology I can save more on cartridge!

I got this Canon E500, which the company claims can print 800 pages with each cartridge, that costs RM39 each. I was contemplating to get HP, with cartridge RM27 each but it prints 400 pages, half of Canon. Furthermore, Canon E500 is having promotion. Look at what I’ve got

From The Suzette

For the same price, I also received an 8GB PenDrive, and a dust cover for the printer. I can now dump my old cloth that looks so yucky. I don’t use my printer often, so most of the time is covered. But when needed, without a printer is extremely troublesome! I’ve gone through a hell lot of trouble last week, so this one is really essential. ^_^

Ah, this printer comes with 1+2 years warranty when registered online. I just can’t expect the same experience like Epson. Now I only want printers that come with 3 years warranty. HP is also giving the same, so can consider that if good promotion is given. ;)

And lastly, well, just to make up of my whole misery – my iPad was lost in Mar, and subsequently the second one had a damage in mic. Though it was replaced by Apple, it is a refurbished unit, somehow there is a thorn lah. Oh ya, my Nokia E71, an old phone, is also going to ‘expire’ soon. My bad. I’ve been dropping it on the floor. Glad it is Nokia, which is tahan lasak as usual. Hahaha!

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