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My quirks, my quirks, my lovely lady quirks....

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:27pm
You got that title, right? Fergie...the song. Right???

So, I was tagged once on my other blog by my friend Rachel awhile ago to do this. And then about a month ago, I was tagged on here to do almost the same thing. I totally forgot, what with being consumed with pregnancy and everything, so I've scheduled this to go out while I'm vacation.

Okay, here goes:

1. I have an incredible sense of smell. It's creepy almost. Take for example the other night when I got home from HurryDate. I was sitting across the room from Jimmy and suddenly got this whiff of alcohol. I jerked my head up and asked if he had been drinking. He just laughed (he's used to my nose....) and couldn't believe it. Apparantly he had a small glass of wine about two hours before I had come home. He'd even eaten dinner and brushed his teeth since and I still smelled it. It's not just alcohol either, and it's not just when I'm pregnant. (Although in pregnancy, it's soooo much worse!)

2. When I'm reading a really good book and I'm totally into it, I sometimes forget that the characters aren't real. Like once after reading The Kite Runner, I was in bible study. Somehow what we were talking about made me think of the main character and what he had gone through. I was literally just about to open my mouth to share his experience before common sense kicked in and reminded me it was not, in fact, real. Oh my, this quirk is kinda sad. ;-)

3. My closet is organized by color. And no, I don't have OCD....other issues, yes, just not OCD. I just think it looks so much more organized and plus I can find what I want to wear pretty quickly. And by quickly I of course mean that in girl standards.

4. I only enjoy talking on the phone when I'm driving. This one is more recent since having Taylor, but for some reason when my phone rings and I'm anywhere but the car, I don't much feel like talking. Get me in the car though...especially on a long drive, and I'm so chatty you can't shut me up.

5. I got this one from my sister, Malia. But, I cringe when I hear people say "good" when they should say "well." For instance, "I slept good last night," is not correct. It should be, "I slept well last night." Or another one, when people pronounce "BOTH" with an "L". It sounds like, "Bolth." Ugh, that one drives me nuts too.

6. I could never get into coffee. I tried, but it never took. I do, however, quite enjoy a nice cold Diet Soda first thing in the morning. As soon as I get out of bed, I go straight to the fridge, get my soda and a breakfast bar, and then all is good in my world.

And there are the first six of many many quirks.

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