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My personal hell...I'm sorry..

Posted May 14 2009 4:33pm

Why does it take a loss to harbor a flood of emotions ?
Why do these emotions make for a splendid writing spree ?
Why do I always manage to feel so much better when I put this shit on paper ?

Today I lost a very dear friend.
A friend that I'll never forget.
An unbelievable love for life. A life full of trust.
Never did my friend cross me, never once had a bad thing to say about others.
A very short life lived with the wisdom of 8 lives.
So much to offer the world and yet did with so much grace.
Never asking for a thing in return.

My dedication..

You had so many plans that you couldn't achieve.
So much love for the life, you weren't able to proceed.
As you were passing, your blue eyes stared.
To the world beyond, your soul went with a flair.
Maybe you had too much love for this place,
so much love in fact that it could have only been done in a different space.
That last tear lingered , where all hopes remained.
This world lost a spunky soul, one heaven shall gain.
Your job here is done my friend,
a piece of me now, I'll keep until my end.

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