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My Mommy Style

Posted Jun 14 2009 10:10pm

My style night be one that Stacy and Clinton, from What Not To Wear, would find fashionable or acceptable, but it something I am most definitely comfortable wearing. I like to wear my hair long and curly, blue jeans, flip-flops or flats and either a tank-top or form fitting t-shirt. If the weather is a little bit cooler, you can usually find me wearing a nice, lightweight cardigan.

I am far from making a fashion statement, but honestly, who do I have to impress? I spend my days changing diapers, being thrown up on and chasing my 2.5 year old son around the yard. But don’t get me wrong. I do occasionally dress up a pair of my favorite blue jeans with something other than a t-shirt or tank-top. And let me go on record saying that you will never, ever find a pair of straight legged or skinny jeans in my closest. You will likely only find boot-cut or wide legged jeans in this household, unless of course, you are my husband, who happens to wear a relaxed fit or boot-cut pair of blue jeans.

You’re probably beginning to wonder what all this talk about jeans is for, correct? Well, it stemmed from a trip I took to the store earlier today where I found a young woman, mid-twenties wearing a pair of “Mom” jeans. You know, the most unflattering pair of jeans ever made. The ones you cannot even make up a good enough excuse as to why you are wearing them. It isn’t to save money because seriously folks- you can buy an inexpensive pair of jeans at Target!

What are your some of our readers pet peeves with blue jeans? My personal dislikes are straight legged, mom jeans or when people wear jeans about 2 sizes too small.

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