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My mom can beat up your mom

Posted May 03 2010 12:18pm

Last week, my son and I walked into the L.A. Boxing gym near our house (the locat ion in Rancho Penasquitos) for our first boxing class. We got there early to get our membership started.

The manager, Chris, gave us a tour of the facility, we checked out the boxing ring, treadmills, weight room and rows and rows of punching bags. Chris was kind enough to wrap my hands for me and got me ready for an hour of hard-core training. The instructors made me and my son feel very welcome and the music provided the perfect atmosphere to get through the workout without even looking at the clock.

My class started before my son’s so he watched as I started the vigorous routine of push-ups, running, jumping jacks, boxing and of course lifting with small weights.

When the children’s class started 15 minutes later, I was able to see my son in the mirror, as he began his own routine. I admired how focused he was the entire time, grinning like the Cheshire cat as he punched the instructor’s mitts and ducking and weaving along with the others.

We both had a great experience. My son had a blast, I worked up a sweat and we’re both looking forward to future classes. We will be going twice a week for the next month, boosting our energy and increasing our stamina, strength and confidence along the way.

I was incredibly sore the following day, but it was a good feeling, knowing that the one-hour routine worked every single muscle in my body, got my heart racing and left me feeling ready to kick some serious ass afterward.

The fact that my son can now beat me up is just one of the benefits of the class. The fact that we are both feeling more confident, in shape and getting fit for the summer is of course the greatest benefit of all. I didn’t weigh myself before our first session, but I have no doubt that after a full month of training, I will be much more prepared for bathing suit season.

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