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My Little Beating Heart Soothes Anxiety and Distress

Posted Aug 14 2010 1:23pm

It’s tough to be a kid, right? I know we all wish we could go back to those carefree days, but think really hard about how tough it is to be a kid. Babies can’t express their needs or wants except for crying. Toddlers don’t have the words to show their distress besides crying or acting out. Then it is time to go to school and that brings on a new set of anxiety and distress. As parents, it can be difficult to discern what our children need from us. What we need is a little decoder ring that tells us what our children need. But for lack of that decoder ring, we need something to help us soothe our children when things get rough for them.

Enter My Little Beating Heart by Banana Design Lab. It’s a cross between a pillow and a stuffed animal, shaped like a heart. It is adorable. And the cover comes off so it is machine washable! But what does it do?

My Little Beating Heart mimics the sound of the heartbeat. Hold it close and soon your heartbeat will be in sync. It is the perfect way to calm down that racing heart when our children are in distress. They just simply need to hold it close and soon they will calm down. It really works. I had the chance to test it out with my five year old daughter, Hailey. Hailey was in a fit over something. I still can’t tell you why because I just don’t know. I turned on My Little Beating Heart and handed it to her. She held on to it and within minutes she was calm enough to try and explain her feelings to me. By then, however, even she forgot what her fit was about. Problem solved.

While My Little Beating Heart is aimed at children, I wondered if it would work for me as well. I suffer from moderate anxiety and every once in awhile, my heart will start racing. Later that same day (yes, she was tired) Hailey threw another hissy fit. When I threatened to make her take a nap, she ran to her bedroom crying, “I don’t like my Mommy. I only love my Daddy now.”

So, I grabbed My Little Beating Heart and held it close to my own heart. It worked. Within minutes, I felt more calm. My heartbeat was in sync with My Little Beating Heart and I was calm enough to handle the situation.

My Little Beating Heart by Banana Design Lab will work for you and your children too.

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