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My life has been caught up in re ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am
My life has been caught up in reading this week.  I have truly enjoyed reading the Twilight Series.  It is the one thing that I can do that doesn't seem to bother my wrist much.  I am nearly done with the 4th book, as annoyed as that makes Giggles.  Apparently I read at some super human rate.  She gets peeved that I blast through these books in what seems like no time at all.  I never really realized that I read so quickly until I started living with other people who I thought were just really slow readers.  I should have figured out that I was the freak in the bunch.

The cast came off last Friday.  It was kind of scary, as I hadn't had a cast off in over 20 years.  But the Chicken has some sort of hero worship thing going on with Mike the cast guy from when she broke her radius and ulna 4 years ago, that I felt at ease with him.  He chuckled when I told him about the Chicken and her adoration for him.  She was so bummed I didn't take my camera to get more photos of him.  He also stated that Chicken should possibly get a life.
In the grander scheme of things I think I would like her puppy love directed at some guy that she has no access to than someone local that I have no clue about.  But hey, that's just me. 

Hubby has been working lots of hours.  They are doing mandatory 6 day work weeks now.  With that and him working 60 plus hours a week with drive time, well we don't see the hubby much.  I can't wait for the U-verse to get here because when you are letting the "cable guy" into your house at 10 PM and letting him stay till the stuff is hooked up, well that has to be some awesome stuff.  Sadly even with him working for the company we won't get the service for at least another year or so in this area.  It has to work its way out here and they have a non competitive agreement with the local phone company.  

Other news is that 2 of our neighbors are selling.  The one I am saddest about is our next door neighbor that has his driveway right next to ours.  So in a sense we have this huge double wide driveway.  We seem to be the only neighbors on the block who take full advantage of this fact.  We stagger all the cars in the drive so we never have to let people out.  The kids have more room to play.  I love it.  The neighbors across the street are not in the same awesome situation.  The one neighbor that just moved in told the other "This is not a shared drive, keep your %&#$ car off of my property"  Waaahhhh?  I am really praying that we don't get neighbors like that.  We are so sad to see Bob go, but after the divorce and the rising gas cost, he just can't afford to live there anymore.  So get us good neighbors, Bob.....K?

Well, the book is calling to me to finish it and typing isn't exactly comfortable yet.  I will be back soon, with my NFL picks of course!!
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