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My Inspiration

Posted Jun 01 2010 5:51pm

Michelle is a 15-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys reading, dancing and her favorite subject is English because she wants to become a journalist.

Without hesitation, I would say the most inspirational person in my life is my older brother. He lives, loves, and gives his heart to anything he does. He is always there for me, pushing me to try my best all the time. Whenever I am dealing with a difficult situation, I can always seek advice from him. My brother has influenced my life immensely and has shaped me up to become the person I am today.

My brother is truly an amazing person. Although I may get annoyed of him at times for pushing me, I know the only reason he is doing it is to bring out the best in me. He has taught me that hard work will never lead to failure and encourages me to do better in school. Knowing I have a bright future ahead of me, he wants me to make the most of it by doing well in school. Even though he lives thousands of miles away, I still listen to him and end up succeeding every time I do.

My brother is definitely my best friend. Whether it is girl drama, family problems, or even boys, he has helped me with my problems. Despite our eleven-year age difference, he understands what I am going through. Putting all judgments aside, he does his best to offer me guidance. He supports me in whatever decisions I make, even if they are not quite what he wanted them to be.

One situation that made me realize how brave my brother was when he came out as gay to the family. My parents were both in shock and they knew he would not be accepted in our narrow-minded culture. My brother did not care what other people thought and chose to live his life the way he desired to. He helped me become a stronger person by showing me how to defend myself no matter what the situation is. I cannot thank him enough for showing me that the opinions of others should not influence me.

With all his guidance and encouragement, I have become a stronger and better person. I will never forget the long talks we have and the endless hours spent working on my homework. I look up to him with respect and admiration, hoping I can one day accomplish as much as he has. My brother has always been there for me and I am very grateful for that.

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