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My friend (and coworker) had a baby dream...

Posted Sep 04 2008 12:00am

One of my friends from school, Melissa, (also one of the 4 women that received the email) told me she had a dream about me last night. She said she normally has very vivid dreams, but doesn't usually remember them. She also told me that her dreams usually come true. So, on with the dream:

Apparently I was very pregnant and in her classroom. My water broke, but not just a little water, more like a flood. We knew we had to get to the hospital. However, the secretary was arguing with me (and Melissa) that she had to check my emergency card to find out what hospital to take me to (side note-every year we have to fill out an emergency card and list our dr and preferred hospital...if there is ever an emergency..I just want to go to the closest one!) I was arguing with the secretary to just take me to the closest one. We got to the hospital and for some reason, B was in China, so Melissa stayed with me and was my labor coach. After the baby was born, I passed it off to her and gave her all of the baby things. I then proceeded to put on a bunch of make-up (not like me at all!) and get all fancied up. When we walked out of the hospital, the paparazzi was there. Melissa asked me what the deal was. I replied, "don't you know, I am _______" Her alarm went off before she heard my answer.

Isn't that a fun dream!?

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