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My Favorite Words

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:44pm
With my peanuts vocabulary on the rise finally (I have yet to get a call about her speech therapy...wait...I never wrote about that...crap), I've decided to share a quick list of my fav's.

  1. Yeee-up ( in yes)
  2. Awww man!
  3. No way!
  4. Go away bugs! Don't see me! (aka don't come near/look at me)
  5. May I more milk sheese (or sometimes pa-sheese, she doesn't seem to like the word "have". Sometimes that's followed with "Now" which makes it just too funny.)
  6. I see bunny Mama!
  7. My turn! Kid show!
  8. I big girl Mama.
  9. Go away birds! No eat corn!
  10. Sit Pete (Our dog, she likes to feed him cookies, but she also likes to make him sit first. Do you know, during the fireworks, he wouldn't leave her side? He kept licking her and sitting near her. He always thinks we're under attack.)
  11. I help. I help. I help. (Sometimes my brain is screaming, "Oh my God, I heard you! Shut up!" But then I take a deep breath and keep my yelling internal. Then to ease the guilt, I hug her. Being a mom is so hard sometimes.)
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