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My Family's Halloween Trip!

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm
Okay, so I am a procrastinator...those who know me, know this! I am terrible so of course I wait till the last minute to have our mini-pumpkin carving night. Should have been packing for our here are the results of the kids carvings and paintings...Tristan painted his and Sebastian's because Seb was not into painting!

Now since I did not pack the night before..what was I doing on Thursday?? Running around with my head chopped off trying to pack and clean my house..cause it is so much nicer to come to a clean home! So yes we were late getting on the road..tis okay..I am late for everything! Yes I am one of those... ;)

Our visit to NC was great, we had a wonderful time. First stop was court to up child support, that went well, had to wait all day but we got it raised for now. We have to go back in for another review in Jan. which I am sure it will be lowered again, but for now I am happy with the amount. My hubby and I took advantage of the day and while on break for lunch, we went and ate at a restaurant without the KIDS!!!! It was so nice, miss that alone time with my man! The weird thing is at the end of the meal, we opened our fortune cookies..I had no fortune! Hum then we ate Chinese again this weekend, and my fortune read..There are 356 days in a year, which means 365 dreams....What the??? weird....anyway onward...So we got back after court and mom had made homemade soup and many other things...I must write this note to self...Do not make a pig of yourself on your mother's homemade soup before getting 4 kids ready for Halloween...ugggg I was not well...LOL....We got all the kids ready and of course my youngest was not a happy camper.. Kiersten was a Vampire, Preston was Albert Einstein, Tristan was Batman and little Sebastian was a very unhappy Robin! Besides Seb being upset, Halloween was a great lots of candy and had a wonderful time seeing everyone! On Saturday we all got up and my brother and his family came over, we got to hang out and then the girls left the men with the kids and we gals went nice!!! So as you can see an awesome trip...Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Have a wonderful week...

Later Tators!
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