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my election night story and gratitude

Posted Nov 05 2008 9:12am
i stayed up as late as i could last night and made it up until cnn and fox projected that obama had won ohio. i asked bryan to wake me up when they project the winner. i was going to sleep a confident woman. i heard my phone buzzing a few times with text messages from my homies. at midnight i decided to read the texts and take a much needed potty break. i read the latest text from one of my dearest friends and it read "what a great great great man". i knew right away i had to hit the boob tube. i went into the spare bedroom to find my hubby asleep on the job.....bless his little snoring self for sleeping apart from his king size bed the last few weeks so i can get what little sleep i can. i sat at the desk, propped my swollen feet up on gabby's chair and watched obama's acceptance speech already in progress. it's a moment i'll never forget. i was so moved by his speech. it wasn't a rah rah we good you suck speech. he expressed his gratitude. he addressed those american's that didn't vote for him with humility and respect. his tone was appropriate given the crisis that we are in. i was also moved at the shots of the crowds both in grant park, harlem, LA, etc.....seeing oprah and jesse jackson crying like babies......feeling the love between barack and michelle as well as their children, biden and his wife and their extended families. i was definitely choked up and had the chills and once they left the stage, i returned to bed. once i laid down it all hit me and i wept and wept. i was overwhelmed not only by history in the making but the fact that america did the right thing and i was so proud and i was so thankful.

at the beginning of the election i have to admit that i thought it was a long shot for him to win. i didn't think america was there yet. then one night about a month ago i had a dream that obama won. when i woke up i could still feel the excitement and i decided right then and there that he was winning. i am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and laws of attraction. i also think a little hope goes along way and hope is exactly what this country needs right now.

so thank you america.

thank you for the young minority children that can now identify with our president.

thank you for protecting a woman's right to choose.

thank you for the inspiration to our youth that you don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to overcome any obstacles and achieve greatness.

thank you for seeing past race and identifying intelligence, integrity and true leadership.

thank you for the wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers that will get to see their loved ones who have served our country in iraq a little sooner.

thank you for giving us a new perception to the world who is celebrating for us, wiping the slate clean of the last 8 years and for the overnight transformation of our foreign policy.

most importantly to me, thank you for the path you've paved for my babies. thanks to you, they will never know the feeling of doubt as it relates to electing a minority as president. thanks to you they begin their lives in a nation that has evolved leaps and bounds from the nation their grandparents were born into.

this is how my morning began....

and now for a quick funny to cap it off pregalicious style....

yesterday i proudly donned my two mini obama pins to work. my first stop after arriving to the 11th floor from the elevator was of course for a potty break. i went into my usual stall, took the seat cover out and bent over to place it on the seat. with that there was an immediate "kerplunk". "NOOOO" i gasped as i looked down to see the back of my barack pin sitting in the deep toilet sea. i had to make a quick decision. my bladder was throbbing, i'm a germaphobe and i love obama. my love for obama prevailed. without further thought i stuck my hand wrist deep into the toilet thinking 'please God let this toilet not have been used yet today since it was cleaned last night'. i quickly set barack on top of the toilet paper holder to dry and used the toilet seat cover to dry my hand and did the gross pee pee dance around the stall with a couple gags, dry heaves and silent cries for antibacterial soap. i just couldn't bear to let this horrible moment become symbolic and let him go down the tubes. now that the election is over i feel that i can share this story and kick what little superstition that resided in the depths of my belly to the curb!

the end.
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