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My daughter was born with the anterior fontanell at the very back of her head is this normal?

Posted by merc

My daughter now aged 7 months was born with the anterior fontanell to the very back of her head instead of at the very top of her head, at birth the doctor didnt seem too concerned, however a little suprised to find the position of her anterior fontanell to the back instead of on top of her head.

Ive always been a little concerned about how this would affect her if she were to sleep for long periods on her back as babys do.

My daughters head looks quite normal to me, however the doctors now seem a little concerned about her head circumfrence.

Can you please tell me if the position of my daughters anterior fontanell is normal and if its position could be causing problems.

The doctors are also quirying my daughters height, as they have said she is way way off the chart in hieght for her age (too tall for her age) My daughters father is 6ft 4 inch, is there something connecting her head circumfrence with being far too tall for her young age of 7 months.

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