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My Child’s imaginary friend

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

My Child’s imaginary friend

Child, Parenting, Preschool

It all began when Keatkeat started to sing songs that I have never heard before. It puzzled me. I asked:”Did you learn that song in school?” “ No.” a quick reply and continued singing.

I watched almost every cartoon with him and I don’t remember hearing those songs, but in case my forgetful mind has been playing tricks on me, I asked again:”Did you learn that from the cartoons on TV?” “ Nope ” shaking his head.

“Then who taught you these songs?” I was getting a bit impatient.

Sky teach me

“Huh? Who is sky?”

Sky lah, the one up there, got clouds and sun and moon and stars….”

“You mean the Sky taught you all these songs? You can hear the Sky’s voice?”

Yes, the Sky also talks to me…”

In that split second, I believed it was God speaking to my little boy. Somehow deep inside me I believe that children can hear God’s voice. So I continued my investigation…

“So is Sky a boy or girl? Man or woman?”

“Don’t know.”

“So is Sky talking to you now?”

Nope. Because you start talking.”

Ooops! I didn’t know that I actually interrupted a conversation….Sensing that I may not have anymore questions, Keatkeat walked back into the living room, continued his song as he plays his car.

Hey actually as I type this down, I feel alittle eerie amazed with the thought that he could experience something that is unseen.

Till now, every other day he would come up with a new song, its truly quite unbelievable!

Does your child have an imaginary friend?

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