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My car ran over my son’s mini laptop

Posted Apr 02 2009 10:58am

This is a mini laptop my son has. We bought it through a school project and we paid 50€ for it, a really cheap price taking into consideration that in the market it costs €300. It is my son’s baby. He likes to carry it in the car, to daycare, to school. It is a laptop prepared for kids, extra resistance to shock and water. Well not quite prepared for what happened on Tuesday.

My son is a very distracted boy and Tuesday when I picked him up at daycare he was more worried with the football ball than with his backpack. We don’t know how or why but he left the backpack with the computer on the floor outside the car. When I took the car from the parking lot guess what? The back wheel ran over the backpack with the laptop inside. When I saw the backpack on the floor I thought that the books should be damaged, but then I remembered that the laptop was inside. My son took the laptop out, it looked fine, pressed the on button and the lights were on but then came the shock: the screen was broken and part of the monitor was back. My son immediately broke into tear, shouting: No, no, no, it can’t be. I told him that he should pay more attention to the laptop, that it was not an ordinary toy, etc. etc.

Well, my son was in shock and cried and screamed all the way from the daycare until he felt asleep later in the night. He couldn’t eat dinner. I never saw him this way and if on one hand I was thinking this is something that is good to happen because in the future he’s going to be more aware of his things on the other hand I was totally devastated with his despair and frustration.

Of course later I tried to explain him that it just an object, that it would be worse if it was himself that was injured, but he just wanted his laptop back in one piece. He refused to look at the laptop anymore even if he is still able to do some stuff there because we can visualize part of the screen.

I already contacted the technical assistance and they are going to drop by and take the laptop for repair. €81,80 is the cost. My son is paying that from his piggy money.

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