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My Bucket List... and a Giveaway!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

Kick the Bucket

My family loves movies. Occassionally, we'll actually go to the movie theatre. But most likely, you'll find us sprawled on the couch and living room floor watching videos together on the weekends. I prefer watching videos at home. The Diet Dr Pepper is as close as the kitchen refrigerator. And the microwave popcorn is as close as the kitchen pantry. And I don't have to take a second mortgage out on the house to do so.

Now, we watch a lot of movies. Typically, I'll have one eye on the TV and I'll be blogging away with the other eye. Most movies just don't command my full attention. But, this weekend, I actually set the laptop aside and gave my full attention to a movie. So, what caught my attention?

The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. If you haven't seen it yourself, the general jist of the movie is that two men- one a rich billionaire (Nicholson) & one a blue collar mechanic (Freeman)- meet in the hospital as they both find out they have terminal cancer. They make a Bucket List- stuff they want to do before they kick the bucket. And then they proceed to do all the things on the list together and mark them off as they go along.

Their Bucket List:
Witness something truly majestic
Help a complete stranger for a common good
Laugh till I cry
Drive a Shelby mustang
Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world
Get a tattoo
See the pyramids
Get back in touch with...
Hunt the big cat
See Rome

So, why did this movie capture my attention? It made me realize that I have a good life. I have my own Bucket List of sorts. And I am lucky enough to often cross things off the list as I do them. And then, of course, I think up new items for the Bucket List. So, I thought it would be fun to blog about my Bucket List. I'll share the stories of the fun stuff I have marked off my list. And share the stuff still on my list.

Wild Wild West RV Tour: Part Five

I invite ya'll to join in with me. I'll put Mr Linky at the end of the post. Just post about your Bucket List on your own blog, leave your url in Mr Linky and we'll all come check out your Bucket List too. Just be sure to link back here (you can use the button below) in your post so everybody knows where to find all the Bucket Lists. I'll most likely take several posts to talk about mine, but I'll copy & paste Mr Linky into each new post that way everyone who joins in will be in one spot & included in each post.

And to sweeten the pot, I'll throw in a few vintage apron giveaways. Every Friday for the next couple of weeks, I'll use the random number generator to pick one of the Kick the Bucket participants to win a vintage apron. ~~ This means you'll have several chances to win just by entering one time! ~~

So, what's on your Bucket List?

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