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My brush with fame

Posted May 04 2009 4:49pm
I was in a hotel in Vegas. And I was among thousands of other young hopefuls. All beautiful, all talented.

We stood in a line, awaiting our challenge.

As I was standing there, someone in hair and makeup pointed me over to their chair and then began the task of making me camera ready. Gorgeous. Lots of deep green eyeliner...amazing.

From hair and makeup, I was then ushered before the stylist. Each item of sample size clothing that was tossed at me, fit, as though it was made just for me.  I stood before the mirror, clad in leggings, chunky ankle boots, a short puffy sleeved t-shirt and an adorable fitted vest. I was fashion in the making.

As I passed the time waiting for my turn to perform, I roamed the halls of the hotel. In some rooms, there were guys and girls doing their sit ups and pushups. In other rooms, they were warming up their vocal muscles, ready to belt out a beautiful melody.

Everywhere I went, people were preparing, primping, pampering and planning.

I wondered, when would it be my turn? 

I was then approached by a tall blonde girl who gazed upon my makeover.

"You are gorgeous!" She said. "Would you be interested in being a model?"

"Why yes," I replied. "I model for my blog every week."

"Then follow me."

I soon found myself among other contestants who were posing this way and that way for the cameras all the while being bossily directed by a strange man with white hair and red lips.  Or were they pink?

I walked with confidence and stood before the bright lights. I moved, I smiled, I pursed (my lips), I made magic. I made the people in the shadows grin.

Yet I wondered, when was it going to be my turn? Wasn't I just moments away from standing before the other cameras? And the....judges?

But, they hadn't even heard me sing!

I began to ask around. I saw a girl humming the ABC's. "Have you sang for anybody yet?"

"Yes, I just sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I did amazing." And she sang me a little sample.  And it was, indeed, amazing.

I asked this girl, and that guy, and everyone in between and surely, every last one had in fact auditioned.

What was I going to do?

Up until that point I had only done photo shoots and makeovers, and yet here I was.  At the final stage.  The ultimate moment.

What would they do when they realized I couldn't sing?!?

Oh, the horror that awaited me!!!

So, I began to practice "Happy Birthday" the way Marilyn Monroe had done. Surely, that would be enough to show them I had some minute amount of talent.

But before I could finish, I found myself standing before an Amazon Woman. She only had two photo's in her hands. The one whose photo she did not hold would immediatly pack their bags and go home.

And then I woke up this morning.  

All day long I've missed my hotel. I miss my sample size. I miss my incredibly cute outfit. I miss it all.

And while some would assume this dream only means that I watch way too much reality tv...

I'd like to think it shows how much I'm destined for greatness in this world.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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