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My Biker Chick Friend

Posted Nov 01 2012 5:23pm

She just looks like she needs evangelizing, right? Ha! The fact is, we all do. We just think people that look like this need it more than those of us with less ink and fewer piercings for some reason.

photo (4)

The funny thing is that this is my friend who, in her own words, is a girl who shops at Talbots and wears sweater sets. She wouldn’t be caught dead like this anywhere but the church Trunk or Treat. I was proud of her for stretching herself and wearing tattoo sleeves and fake piercings. She texted me before and wanted me to assure her that I’d be dressing up for Trunk or Treat. I told her I’d be wearing the bat hat and begged her to tell me what she was going as. She told me and I couldn’t wait to see her in all her biker stuff.

I just love this picture because you can tell she is holding back a major crack up laugh. Like it’s about to bust out of those pierced lips any second now.  

But I never got to see her in person because as soon as we got to the church she and her husband were rushing to the hospital to take their son who had just fallen off the playground slide and broken his arm. This is the boy I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Thankfully Adam didn’t have to have surgery like they initially thought but he did break two bones in the arm so they had to set it and he got a cast. But because all this happened right as they got to church they had to go to the hospital all dressed up. Her husband had the biker thing going on too. Isn’t that hysterical!?!?! The one time they go all out and get all grungy they got totally busted and had to go out in public. She is a social worker at a hospital and it ended up that they went to that hospital so to top it all off she knew everyone there! I wish I didn’t think this was so funny because she’s my friend and all. But I just couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of this.

I actually think she looks like a pretty natural biker babe. Ha! Ha! If it weren’t for the grin in this picture you all would’ve thought she was the real thing. So ya’ll pray for my biker friend. I should’ve given her the whole pack of tracks last night but I’m just not sure there’s any hope for her. Oh, you know I’m kidding. I just love this story though. And if anyone can tell a good story it is my friend, Wendy. She will have you in stitches in no time flat telling stories of their family. One of her best stories is about her and her daughter walking into a tattoo parlor by accident. It was a store front shopping mall and she thought she was going into the karate store to get some info. for her son but instead she walks into a tattoo parlor in her pink and green argyle sweater and capris. She was trying to figure out why this place looked so different and why she felt so out of place. Ha! Ha! Love.It. She can tell it way better than I can. This is why we all need a Wendy in our life to keep us laughing and to remind us that if we take ourselves too seriously we will never make it in life.

Oh, girl, thanks for the laughs and I really am praying for sweet Adam. Once his pain is gone he’ll think his Carolina blue cast is the coolest thing ever and this is a story you’ll be telling for years and years.

BTW: I did ask  beg for permission to post this picture so don’t be scared if you’re my friend and you decide to go all alter ego and I get a picture. Ha! I won’t post without asking first.

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