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My Baby Is Finally Heading Off..

Posted Dec 14 2008 9:45pm

It's not like she's going to college but still... Preschool Here We Come! Tomorrow my three and a half year old will enter a whole new world. No more staying home with mommy, she will finally go to school. And this school is amazing! I know I shocked some of you with the $533 price tag but there's some real pros that are worth paying extra for.

Like an indoor pool at the school. We live in Oregon, going outside isn't always an option.Kai is so excited to have swim time. It's a small pool and only four children go at a time. Or the curriculum and food. The one on one care she will receive. I want her to have a great education, Del went to private schools and boarding schools and he turned out alright.

Unlike her dad Kai will never be shipped off to a boarding school, but the schools he attended in Israel and even Africa made him who he is today. He didn't learn so much about American history but that's what college was for.  He had very positive experiences with his private schooling so I understand why it costs more. I really love the idea that she will go to a private Kindergarten. Did you know most public schools do half days for their Kindergarten? I just don't see how a child can be prepared for higher learning with only two and a half hours of school a day.

Am I pushing her to hard? I was a foster child without parents, I didn't get the opportunity she does but my dream was to give my children everything I always wanted. Del as you can see was raised in the State Department with a long list of family members who all live and work in foreign embassy's. So he never got the full childhood either, the Middle East when he was growing up wasn't like it is today but still Jerusalem has never been a peaceful city. And when you live within a embassy you don't quite grow up "normal". Maybe we are just crazy, pushing our three year old into an academic program but I'm happy with my choice.

Do you think I'm doing the right thing? I want her to learn as well as play...I'm sure you all want the best for your children. I guess maybe, I'm just over analyzing the entire situation. Either way she starts her new pre-school tomorrow. I'm so excited for her! Who else cried at their child's first day? I'm afraid I may cry.

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