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My 2 and a half year old daughter has a dark spot on her lower abdomen. what could this be?

Posted by jessica25411

I took her to the E.R. Saturday. She had green discharge from her eyes. She had green discharge from her nose with a cough. She has a rash down her right said from beside her breast down to where her diaper starts. And last night I noticed a dark gray spot on the right side of her lower abdomen. She feels very hot at night. There are also 2 smaller gray spots on her thigh. The antibiotics have helped the green runny nose and eyes. but nothing else seems to be getting better.

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They say 24 hours is the length of time to wait to see if antibiotics will work... You sound alarmed by her symptoms.  And they sound alarming to me too.  If the rash and fever are still present today - wednesday I'd take her back to the doctor right away.  And be specific with your questions.  Things like:

1.  WHY does she have a rash?

2.  Are these grey spots a symptom?   Of what?  

3.  If this doesn't improve, when do I come back?

4.  If it does improve, should I bring her back for a check?

 Most importantly, if she is acting sick - in other words, you think she's sick - that's the most important symptom with a child.  And keep bugging the doctor until you are satisfied with the answers.  You know your child so trust your gut, and don't let a doctor write you off as "just a mom" - you are THE mom, which means you can interpret your child's feelings better than a doctor.  

Be persistent, wishing you well,


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i have a dark spot in the same place but none of those other symtoms
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