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Must Have Educational Materials

Posted Oct 02 2012 11:25pm

Having 4 kids of different ages, my living room looks more like a classroom than a living room. No fancy decors, no lamps, no carpets, just posters of Alphabets, numbers and the likes. I still feel that it lacks the basic educational materials that my kids can use. So I made this post to remind me as well as to share with you some basics or must have educational materials on your home.

  • Simple Alphabet Chart. Look for charts with colorful illustration but refrain from buying charts with unfamiliar words/ objects. Also if you can find charts with pictures only and now words, that would be better. I know we want our kids to learn how to read early, but words may just confuse the early learners or they would resort to memorized reading.
  • Primary and Secondary Colors Chart. It would be better if shapes are integrated on the chart :) I don’t buy color charts, instead I create mine, like making a yellow triangle, red circle and so on..

  • Simple 1-10 Number Chart. Your goal is not for them to learn counting by age of 3 but more on to familiarize them with counting and numbers. Choose a chart with familiar objects on them. Or you can make your own chart too.
  • Board Books. Based on experience, this is the only kind of books that can tolerate the chews and what not of a toddler.
  • Crayons and Pencils and some papers. Though they won’t be learning to write too soon (there’s a proper age to teach the kids to write)
  • Alphabet Chart with more complex images as well as with words/name of the image
  • Number Charts from 1-100. It will expose them more to counting but make sure that your kid already knows how to count to 20 and slowly with the help of the chart, they will learn how to count to 100.
  • Color Chart in complex objects. It would be better if you have objects with different colors on it, it will help their eye coordination as well as their sense of comparison.
  • Comparing objects chart. Buy charts with small and big, short and long and so on.
  • Paper book.. yes by this age, I am sure they already know what to chew and what not to chew. Buy them simple story books and more alphabet book as well as simple text books.
  • Paper, Crayons, Pencils, Scissors and other art materials.
  • Days of the week chart. This chart will give them the idea of time and as the days go, you can also add a clock on your educational materials
  • Simple Puzzles
  • More complex Math charts (Roman Numerals, Multiplication Table). This charts will be very helpful since this is what was taught in their school.
  • Maps and Globe. Kids at this age are very inquisitive of places and location, make your life easier by having a ready map and a globe in your home.
  • Dictionary. Also at this age, they start to learn new words and would often ask their parents what’s the meaning of it. Teach them how to use the dictionary. It will also help increase their vocabulary
  • Books, pocket books, almanacs and the likes.
  • Art and Crafts materials.
  • Board Games/ Puzzles

Now, as I go through my check list, I still have to buy a lot! Starting off with the map.. I have an obsession with locations eh.. and I think my kids are as curious as I am.. It will also make travelling more fun!


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