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Music Mondays in a Pink TeePee

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:33pm
So you thought I'd forgot it was the second Monday and we needed new muzac .... well no.

And a treat from my mis-spent youth awaits .... The camper than a row of tents ....

Bronski Beat

Now I don't know for sure the boys were gay - I'm just getting the gay vibe. This wee selection comes from their album - which I first bought as a tape - now have as a CD - 'The Age of Consent'.

A skinny, underfed UK outfit - my preferred type at the time - these boys can really belt one out. And from memory my darling first born, with his blonde short back and sides may well resemble the lead singer ...

I was saddened to find a couple of favs were not listed on - but I have done the best I can.

I had really wanted the track with the tap dancing refrain in the middle for Stomper Girl - alas it was not to be.

Don't be freaked out by the breaking glass in the first track - I am sure they meant well :) hugs le

PS please don't leave me hanging ... where are all the other BB fans out there .... if you must know I also had the 100s and 1000s tape too ... I'm picking Lilly might have been a fan ... confirm or deny girlfriend :)

Just listening now makes me long for the Images or Sybils 'the clubs of the day' in ole BrisVegas and hit the floor - come on CGDK you remember - those were the days !! Midori and lemonade here I come - or cointreu on ice - or kahula and milk - remember that !! Ha !!

pss and I have learnt from the Wiki that, yes in fact all three boys were gay and Jimmy then went onto to form The Communards .... another personal fav. Here's a bit of their story - go back to the Wiki for more ... you know cos you have nothing better to do - NOT. I love the last line - 'the gayest record ever made' - seems I'm slow on the uptake - yes you can laugh JenX ...

Bronski Beat formed in 1983 when Somerville, Steinbachek and Bronski shared a three-bedroom flat in Lancaster House inBrixton, southwestLondon.

Apparently the band's name was "God Forbid" before Bronski Beat was suggested by Bronski, as a pun on the group name of
Roxy Musicand the main character from theGünter GrassnovelThe Tin Drum.

Bronski Beat signed a
recording contractwithLondon Recordsin 1984 after doing only nine livegigs. The band's arresting debutsingle, "Smalltown Boy", the tale of a boy who was cast away by his family for beinggay, was a huge hit, peaking at #3 in theUK Singles Chart.

The single was accompanied by a memorable promotional
videodirected byBernard Roseshowing Somerville eagerly trying to make friends at a swimming pool then being attacked by ahomophobicgang and being returned to his family by thepoliceand having to leave home. (The police officer was played by Colin Bell, then the marketing manager of London Records).

"Smalltown Boy" reached #48 in the US charts and peaked at #7 in Australia. It is now widely considered a 1980's classic, in addition to being a
gay anthem.

"Smalltown Boy" established the trio as an outlet for gay issues – all three members are gay – and the follow-up single, "
Why?", while focusing on a faster energetic musical formula, was more lyrically focused on anti-gayprejudice. It also achievedTop 10status in theUK, reaching #6, and was a Top 10 hit for the band in Australia. The song was also covered by metal bandParadise Loston theirSymbol of Lifealbum.

At the end of 1984, the trio released an
albumwhich was provocatively titledThe Age of Consent. The inner sleeve listed the varyingages of consentfor consensual malehomosexualactivity in different nations around the world. At the time, the age of consent for sexual acts between men in the UK was 21 (compared with 16 for heterosexual acts). The album hit #4 in the UK chart, #36 in the US, and #12 in Australia.

A third single was released amid controversy before Christmas 1984: a revival of "
It Ain't Necessarily So", theGeorgeandIra Gershwinclassic (fromPorgy and Bess) which questions the authenticity of Biblical tales. It also reached the UK Top 20.

In 1985, the trio joined up with
Marc Almondto record a version of theDonna Summerclassic "I Feel Love".

The full version was actually a medley, also incorporating snippets of Summer's "Love to Love You Baby" and
John Leyton's "Johnny Remember Me". It was a huge success, reaching #3 in the UK, equalling the chart achievement of "Smalltown Boy", and was memorably described by one critic as "the gayest record ever made".
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