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Motherhood Isn't for the Faint of Heart

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:06pm

The church that I attend owns a preschool and after care facility. My children attended preschool there and now attend after their day is done in elementary school.  For the past few weeks I've noticed a little two-year-old who attends the preschool. His such a cute little boy, but I worry about him.

His mother, in her early twenties, doesn't seem to be very interested in him. They got into a car accident a few months ago and had a huge gash on his head.  She brought him to school almost the next day and as the gash healed, she didn't want to keep a bandage on it to cover it until the healing was done, even when preschool workers expressed concern.

She never seems to be happy to see him. He has asthma and some days she doesn't seem very interested in making sure he gets his breathing treatment. He calls everyone mom and I think it's because he is looking for someone to be special to him, to connect to him.

I want to ask her, exactly why did you have a child? I know pregnancy sometimes comes as a surprise, but once you make the conscious decision to become a mom, it's important to do whatever you have to do for that child to be happy and healthy.

Her pregnancy may have been an accident, but she could have given him to someone desperate for a child, but she chose to become a mom. There are many children in this baby's predicament and it makes me sad.

Mothers need to take their jobs seriously.  Having a child is a serious responsibility, one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Children can't take care of themselves. They need care, discipline and someone to make sure they get all of the love and attention their little hearts can hold. 

Sometimes motherhood comes with things we didn't plan on, children who are sick, mentally or physically handicapped. Some have learning disabilities, some have deformities and problems we can only dream of. But no matter what, its your child to love and your responsibility.

But not matter what motherhood brings you, children need the stable support of their parents. Their self esteem is built on it. Every time I see that mom at the preschool I find myself wondering if she will every know the gift she's been given. 

Every moment as a mom isn't filled with warm and fuzzies, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

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