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Morning sickness

Posted Sep 30 2008 11:12am


Are you pregnant and feeling sick?Don’t worry this is quite common. The degree of nausea you feel varies from person to person and if you suffer from morning sickness with one pregnancy it doesn’t necessarily mean all future pregnancies will have you reaching for the sick bucket.The good news is that normally the nausea stops after the first three months, however if you are one of the unlucky ones it can however go on until five months.Why do you feel sick?  The actual causes are still not actually known, however,

  • It is thought however that morning sickness is caused by the hormonal changes taking place in your body.

  • Or possibly by an imbalance of your blood sugar levels.

  • Some doctors have the theory that women carrying twins or triplets are more susceptible to feeling nausea. 

What can I do to feel better?There are many theories, old wives tales and well meaning friends ready to give advice… are a few of our own!

  • Eating little and often may help and will stop your blood sugar levels dropping.

  • Drink lots of liquids to avoid dehydration, especially if you are being physically sick. Preferably water and fruit juice rather than tea or coffee.

  • Try to avoid heavy meals or meals with a high fat content.

  • Some people say the magic cure is ginger….try some ginger biscuits or ginger tea.

  • Get plenty of rest, and try to sit down to eat your meals slowly to aid digestion.

  • Finally avoid anything that triggers your nausea ( could be a good excuse of getting out of   filling the car up with petrol. A bit naughty but being pregnant has to have some advantages!)

If you do find that you are vomiting excessively, loosing weight or feeling dehydrated, then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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