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More Snow than Sand

Posted Jan 28 2014 12:00am

I live at the beach. We have a hurricane close call or warning just about every year. Snow? It's just not something you think about when you think Beach, am I right?

The first "legitimate" snowfall I remember, I was, I think 11 years old. There was actually a song written about it - The Blizzard of 1980. The snow was up to my hips and it took more than a week to get everything cleared up and back to normal. See, I live in an area that can go several years without snow. But it seems like, every 5 to 6 years, we do get a sizable snowfall. When we do get snow, even if it's an inch, it is a very big deal. This area has very few salt trucks, and those focus on the biggest roads and highways, and it's very difficult to find a road that's not thoroughly ice covered. Additionally, because we get snow so rarely, no one can drive in it. Even those people who say, "I grew up in New York. I definitely can drive in snow and ice!" - ahem, my husband - well, they very quickly lose their winter weather legs, and virtually no one can drive correctly.

What I'm trying to say is – snow = bad news for us. We got 4 inches of snow last week. Prior to that, it had probably been two years since we had had any snow.

We all thought that 4 inches of snow was a big deal. And it was. We lost two days of school and the schedules were hosed. Because it had been 60° at 2 pm, I was convinced it wasn't going to snow. By midnight - 4 inches. Clearly, I have no meteorology future.

We figured we had seen our snow for the year.

But late last week, the weather forecaster started saying something about snow coming again. It started off with a 5 inch forecast. As the week progressed, the European models, which I'd heard were more accurate (and I do not know why), called for more snow - 6 and then 8 inches. And yesterday, the forecast rose.

10-12 inches.

My city will flat out shut down. We are in a state of emergency.

Last night, I sent my husband to the store. Mostly because we had only 1/4 gallon of milk, so I asked him to grab another. I also asked him to pick up a dozen eggs and some extra toilet paper. He came home with this: 

More Snow than Sand

Well, at least we are prepared for Snowmageddon.

Schools closed early in preparation. Everyone got home, and we waited.

And it looks like we may indeed get snow, for this is what it looks like from my front door, three hours in.

Jan 28, 2014

Wait until tomorrow. Anyone want to make guesstimate what tomorrow will look like?

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