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More Pink Paint And Some Great Nursery Ideas

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:34am

Since my last painting project things around the house have been a little busy. We welcomed our latest addition into the world two months ago and before that I was busy trying to get her room ready before the big day. I wanted to share with you a great painting idea for a nursery that is easy to do and creates a great backdrop for the rest of the nursery.

In my first painting project ( Part 1 | Part 2 ) I took a much different route by painting all the walls two different colors. This time I decided, we decided to do an accent wall in the nursery. We figured that it would be a relatively easy painting project and add some visual appeal to the room.

We bought the bedding from Babies R Us and wanted to match a couple of the pinks that you can see on the blanket. I never knew that pink came in so many colors until we began narrowing down our choices for this room. Lucky for me my wife has a keen eye when it comes to picking out paint colors and she did a great job here…I’m glad I listened to her.

Click on the images below for a larger view of the pictures.

Painting The Pink Accent Wall In The Nursery :

1.) I began the process by painting the darker pink accent wall first. I taped off the baseboard at the bottom of the wall and then both of the corners. I didn’t want to get any of the dark pink on the side walls since it might have been difficult to cover up with the lighter pink.

2.) The accent wall took two coats of paint. We used Valspar paint from Lowes and it was fantastic. It covered well and didn’t have too much of an odor. I was able to paint with the door shut with only the window open and I never got a headache or became light-headed.

3.) Next came the lighter pink shade. I taped off the rest of the room using Frog Tape. This green tape has become my favorite painting partner because it works so much better than the old 3M blue tape.

4.) I also taped within the corners of the accent wall. Again, I didn’t want to get any paint on top of the other paint. The lighter pink also took two coats and in some areas I had to apply a third. That was a result of my painting skills - not the quality of the paint.

5.) Check out the final result below. Click to open the images and click to close. You can also click “ < Prev" or "Next >” to view another picture without closing the image.

Applying The Vinyl Wall Art To The Accent Wall :

After the painting was completed, we finished off the room with some awesome vinyl wall art we found on Etsy. My wife poured through at least 100 pages of options available on Etsy and eventually settled on the pieces you see below. I think it turned out great!

Using vinyl wall art to decorate a nursery, or any other room for that matter, is an economical and easy way to add some character to a room. Plus vinyl wall art is very popular and you can find just about anything to suit your taste. Don’t believe me? Just search “ vinyl wall art ” on Etsy and you’ll get over 120 pages of items to choose from.

Here’s some tips on applying vinyl wall art:

1.) Use tape to arrange the vinyl on the wall or whatever surface you’ll be using. If you have to cut out the vinyl like we did with the flowers, make sure and take the extra space into consideration when arranging your layout. Try not to get them too close or too far apart.

2.) With the tape holding the vinyl in place, lift it up so you can remove the heavier paper backing. Slowly peel off the backing making sure that the vinyl stays applied to the lighter wax paper and doesn’t come off on the backing. This is especially important if your vinyl has small pieces that aren’t attached to the main piece of vinyl.

3.) Slowly flip the vinyl back down and make sure that it stays flat the entire time. Once it’s in place, rub the outside of the wax paper, which is now on top of the vinyl, to ensure a good bond between the vinyl and the wall. One note here: Freshly painted walls need 2 weeks to set up before you can apply any wall art. I’m not sure why, but that’s what was recommend by both of the suppliers.

4.) Once the vinyl is secured to the wall, slowly… and I mean slowly begin to remove the wax paper top. It’s important to do this step slowly to make sure the vinyl sticks to the walls and you don’t end up having to start over. If part of the vinyl stays attached to the wax paper, lower it back down and rub it some more. Test again to make sure it’s sticking to the wall and not the wax paper.

5.) Check out the final result below. Click to open the images and click to close. You can also click “ < Prev" or "Next >” to view another picture without closing the image.

If you’re interested in recreating this look, here are the Etsy links for the items used above:

Overall the room looks great and it didn’t take me too long to complete. The room isn’t 100% finished since Little M is still in our room. Once we get some lamps and other artwork on the wall, we’ll finish off the room by randomly placing the rest of ladybugs around the room.

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

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