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More Antique 1920s Catalog Advertisements for Aprons

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm

I'm participating in Show & Tell Friday over at Kelli's House. Well, at yesterday's Vintage Thingies Thursdays, I promised you some more of these. When Paratrooper Man's Aunt Helen saw the last blog entry about antique 1920s catalog advertisements for aprons , she was ever so kind as to send me copies of some catalog pages she had from Grandma Hazel's things. Is she awesome, or what? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I also have a vintage apron pattern of Grandma Hazel's to share too.

In 1969, Grandma Mindy was working as a waitress at a small diner in town. Grandma Hazel made Grandma Mindy this apron so she'd have a spot to keep her tips. Isn't she beautiful in her apron? By the way, those are her two pesky little brothers in the picture with her.

Woman in Apron

When Grandma Hazel passed away, the family found this mail order apron pattern among her belongings. I actually think the envelope is the coolest part of the whole thing. Look, it is postmarked 1952 and the postage was just 1 cent. There's no zip code or address either. Just Grandma Hazel's name & town. Isn't it amazing that the mail got to her at all? And what the heck can you buy with a penny now anyway? Even the gumball machines only take quarters. Geez. I feel old. I'm gonna go take a Geritol. I'll be right back.

Vintage Apron Pattern

OK, I'm back now. I'm done feeling old. Here's part of the instructions to make the apron. There is also an unused iron-on embroidery transfer still with it. You'd iron the pattern onto the apron & embroider it. Then, once you were done embroidering it, you'd wash the apron & the iron-on stamp would disappear. Wouldn't it be fun if this was the apron pattern used to make Grandma Mindy's apron?

Vintage Apron PatternVintage Embroidery Transfer

The year was 1924. Calvin Coolidge was the U.S. president. (I confess. I had to look that up.) The girls all had short bobbed hair & wore flappers. The movies were still silent. And nearly every house had this catalog. Sorta like the Sears or J.C. Penney's catalog nowadays.

Antique Vintage Catalog

Aunt Helen just sent me copies of a few of the pages. Just the pages she thought I'd be interested in. So, of course, she sent me the pages with aprons on them. Look, you can even get a little cap to match your apron. I want one of those. I'd wear it even though I've always felt I looked ridiculous in a hat. I'm not a hat kind of person.

Antique Vintage Catalog Ads for Aprons

I would wear this too. This vintage apron is incredibly similar to the aprons in the catalog ads. It has a criss-cross strap in the back. It's pretty much shaped like the 2nd apron in the top row. Who knows, maybe a rural farmer's wife mail ordered this apron from Frederick Herrschner some 70 or 80 years ago. That would actually qualify it as an antique apron, by the way. It's nearly impossible to date vintage aprons or tell when an apron was made though. It's fun to imagine anyway.

Vintage Apron

I like this picture's angle too. You can see the embroidered pocket now. This is actually one of my favorites. I bought it at the local antique mall. I love the hunt for vintage aprons. I'm a vintage geek like that.

Vintage Apron

And all vintage geeks like a close up of the vintage goodness. So, here it is. I like the "M" on the pocket. I named this vintage apron "The M is for Mom". I didn't want to get all hung up on I couldn't wear it because my name didn't begin with an M. So, the M is for Mom. My other name. Problem solved.

Vintage ApronVintage ApronVintage Apron
This catalog page is from a different catalog, but the same company. Grandma Helen said the catalog cover was missing & that it didn't really say anywhere what year it was. The prices & styles seem pretty similar, so I'd guess it's also the 1920s. Also, notice how there is no neck strap on the bibbed aprons which definitely dates the aprons to the 1920s. For years, ladies just pinned the bib to their clothing.

Antique Vintage Catalog Ads for Aprons

I'm guessing this lovely vintage apron was a stamped apron. Aren't those the most delightful blue daisies embroidered across the front? Did you ever make a crown of daisies when you were little? That's what this apron reminds me of. I once tried to preserve my daisy crown in a vase of water. I'm sorry to report that it didn't work.

Vintage Apron

This vintage apron hung on my kitchen wall clothesline for the longest time. I recently found the cutest half apron with little blue birds on it. Out with the blue daisies & in with the blue birds. Actually, my clothesline is having a personality crisis at the moment. It doesn't know whether it wants to be the original blue or the Valentine's Day red or the St. Patrick's Day green. It's a hodge podge of colors & holidays at the moment. I'm gonna need to fix that.

Vintage Apron

And I promise to share a picture of it once I do.

By the way, I'm thinking I have a craving for peach cobbler. Had it for a few days now. Maybe I'll make some for Saturday's recipe. Yup, maybe I will.

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