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More advice needed por favor...

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:15pm
Everyone is such a wealth of information I'm going to keep hitting you all up for advice! Thanks!

Two things (both having to do with our new 10-12 hour sleep nights):

1. Declan wets through his diaper at night. We currently use Tar.get brand (they never leak during the day). My mom got us some Hug.gies and they leaked too. So, tonight he has both on! Yes, double diaper big butt Decs. Hope it works. ;) What overnight diapers work for you? Decs was allergic to Pampers when he was a newborn so I'm steering clear of those.

2. Declan now flips on to his stomach all the time. Nice developmental milestone, eh? Yes, yes that's true but he HATES IT. He cries and snorts and gets all bent out of shape. During the day- no biggie- just reposition. But now he does it at night too so we have to go flip him over. This mostly happens an hour or two after he goes down and right when he wakes up. So what do we do?? Keep flipping him? Does he just start to like sleeping or playing on his stomach?

This is not an advice thing but I've started to give in to Declan chewing on my (clean) finger. He always tries to shove it in his mouth and prefers it over most teething toys. I know for sure he's teething because I feel 2 coming in on the bottom!

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