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Monday Muse Fashion

Posted Jan 03 2010 10:00pm

~Le Outfit~

Faux Leather Jacket: {F21}
Top: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria {Walmart I know, right??? I got stopped out a few weeks ago by two different women asking where I got my top, and I was only slightly embarrassed to tell them. Oh well, it's cute.}
White tank: Le old
Jeans: Citizens of all Mankind {Buffalo Exchange YEARS ago}
Booties: Steve Maddens {TJ Maxx}
Necklaces: Vintage {handed down to Chloe when her great grandma passed away. I'm keeping them company.}
Ring: Gifted from my BBB, Laceyloowhoo. We have best friend rings cause we are in love. {I spied in F21 if you're desperate for one.}


So, guess where I wore this to?


Mmmmhmmmm...our church rocks, and I love that I can wear ripped up jeans and it's no biggie. Anyway, you know what they say about chicks that wear ripped up jeans, right?

They're more hole-y. Holy. Get it?

Ba dum(b) ching.

I'm here all week guys.

{It's okay, I'm totally rolling my eyes too.}

But, seriously....these jeans are probably my most favored pair, and they are definitely showing the signs. I'm not sure how much bigger the holes can possibly get before it's time to make them cut offs....few more years?

They're about 2 sizes too big for me (depending on the day and the meal), but they have served me well over the last 7 years. I've worn them before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and now after. So comfy, so cute, so me.

Not that I think I'm cute. I didn't mean it to sound like that. Um.....


In other news:

Make sure to enter the Perricone MD giveaway, because on the chance you didn't win one of the other TEN MILLION giveaways on the other blogs, this could actually be your chance.

Also, because I'm working on some big changes within (my soul) in this new decade, I've also decided Le Blog needs a change as well. And I've enlisted my most favored and loved web designer to start with the design.

I thought about switching to Wordpress, but I just can't do it. Why fix what aint broke, right?

Maybe one day.

When I'm FILTHY RICH. Seriously, do you guys have any idea how much it costs to hire someone to switch you? I'd need, like, way more sponsors and maybe some hefty donations from some of you.

Actually..... =)

We can talk more about that when/if I ever make the switch. No need to worry now.

For now, just be looking out for a new look.

And enjoy the first Manic Monday of the new year.

© 2009 "Le Musings of Moi"
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