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Momshells & Redefining Sexy Motherhood

Posted Apr 22 2009 11:18pm

“Bad Mom’s,” Caron Guillo is at it again, but something a little different… In her latest colum, she talks about redefining motherhood. With several websites popping up across the internet, Caron is wondering whether or not all Mom’s are on the same wavelength on what it means to be a “hot” mom. Below you will find Caron’s intial reaction to websites like “ Hot Moms Club ” and “ The Yummy Mummy.”

My initial reaction, of course, was that a hot mom is one who …

1. … has been pushing a preschooler on the swing set for more than ten minutes,
2. … is cooking grilled cheese sandwiches in a frying pan on the stove despite the fact that it’s August and the air conditioner isn’t working, and/or
3. … has been sent into a blinding rage by one of her children.

And, naturally, yummy mummy brings to mind a woman who …

1. … doesn’t force her kids to eat vegetables,
2. … smells like baby lotion, and/or
3. … got caught hiding with a spoon and a container of chocolate frosting.

All definitions that Caron though were reasonable until she read the Fatherhood Examiner, which told her that we’re actually talking about bombshell moms- Momshells.
And with this news, Caron began HER definition of what makes a Momshell by overthrowing the traditional definition of “sexy.” And here, my fellow mommy readers, are some of the examples Caron has dished out about what makes a sexy mom.

A sexy mom:

1. Laughs. A lot.
2. Is smart.
3. Can run a vacuum with a baby on her hip.
4. Plans awesome vacations on a tight budget.
5. Is brave.
6. Puts makeup on three days out of seven.
7. Teaches her kids pretend languages.
8. Takes her children out in the middle of the night to watch meteor showers. And packs hot chocolate.
9. Works to support the family.
10. Stays home to raise the kids.

What do you think makes a sexy mom?

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