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Mommy Moments: The List

Posted Jan 08 2010 2:02am
mommy moments

I missed a lot of memes last season. I was busy, yadda yadda. Theme for this week is New Year's list. I already got my list last Monday but good thing we have this theme for Mommy Moments. I think I still need to add more. This is he summary of what I got last Monday:

  1. Spend more time with the kids and less on my blogs.
  2. Update my blogs regularly. I maintain 8 blogs and post two articles per week on 6 and everyday on 2 (Make or Break & Camerasexy).
  3. Better time management so I can do 1 and 2.
  4. Be slimmer!! I want a waistline of 25..haha
And now I am adding this:
  1. Learn how to bake! ASAP. Impromptu.
  2. Prepare healthier meryendas for kids, like cookies etc, which can only happen if I do no 1.
  3. Reunite with crafts and art works. Since I started blogging seriously, I haven't done any single art work.. except for GIMP related arts (headers I mean). I hope I can make an alphabet in canvas and have it framed. I want to draw and paint alphabet and put it as a center piece in our wall. Better than ordinary paintings. It will be beneficial for the kids.
And for my kids, my goal is simple:
  1. For the older boys, for them to learn how to socialize more. Mico still shows some separation anxiety and I do hope we would conquer it soon.
  2. For Chico, we want him gain more weight. That's all. And oh for him to call me Mommy. He never said Mommy when I am around. He is too confident that I would come to his side even if he wouldn't call me. But they say when I am not around, he calls Mommy.
  3. For Sati, we're contented on what she is right now.
  4. And for all of them, my goal is to provide happier and loving environment as I can.
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