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Mommy Momentes And Caring For New Born

Posted Nov 08 2009 10:03pm
Host:Can you believe it guys?!? We are now on our third week and we are still here. We would like to thank all of you for patronizing our show. Pehpot is lucky to have such blogger friends, you make her blog more lively and more fun!!

After our two successful shows about CS delivery, for this week our topic is aboutNEWBORN CARE.Our guest for today (and all Mommies know her) is non other than the beautiful mommy behind the successful memeMOMMY MOMENTS!! Let's all welcomeChris of The Mommy Journey!!

Hi Chris! We are very honored to have yo here with us. I am pretty sure all Mommy Moments participant are tuning on us today. So how does it feel being here? I am really happy (and relieved) that your kids are doing great at the backstage.

Chris: First, I would like to thank Pehpot for this opportunity. I am also happy that they allowed me to bring Toby and Kyla along. Thank you pehpot for creating a nice place for the kids here on your studio (looks back on Toby and Kyla). The kids are really enjoying the activities back there.

Host: That's what we like about her, she never runs out of ideas and she always think of making others feel comfortable. So let's talk about new born care? Since you already got two kids, I am quite sure that you have a lot to share with us when it comes to caring for newborns. But of course, we all got our firsts experience.. how did you cope up being a first time mom?

Chris: Its been 5 years ago when I gave birth to our eldest, Kyla. Being a first time mom, I was really nervous but excited at the same time. One thing was sure though, that I was determined to be a hands-on mom. I resigned from my 6 year work and accepted the challenge of being a full time stay at home mom.

Host: So how did you face all those challenge? Or how did you prepare for the coming challenges? I heard that being a first time mom is not that easy.

Chris: Being the reader that I am, I bought a copy of Dr. Spocks’ Baby and Child Care to help me in my new role. I also read Gentle Baby Care from Reader’s Digest. There were days that I was unsure if what I was doing was correct but eventually it all paid off. Though we were living with my in-laws then, I did the caring for my newborn by myself. There were lots of trials like putting the baby to sleep, breastfeeding exclusively, post-partum blues, diaper changes, bathing the baby, skin eczema and adjusting to a 24 hour shift since newborns woke up every 2 hours to feed. Living with the in-laws with their first grandchild was another issue as well.

Host: It must have been difficult then but I can see how successful you are as a mom to your kids now.

Chris: Thank you. It was difficult indeed but I cherished it all because I learned from it. One of the most memorable experiences is breastfeeding my baby exclusively. When my baby was born, she was fed with the infant formula in the bottle. I wanted to breastfeed her so I had to push myself and the baby to feed directly from me. It took me a couple of days before I started to lactate and I was quite worried that baby wouldn’t want to breastfeed anymore since she might get used to the bottle. But eventually, I was able to take her off the bottle and we breastfed exclusively until her 11 month. Super bonding moments indeed! I really felt a close attachment to my daughter and until today, I still have that special bond with her.

Host: Oh my Chris, the look on your face makes me want to have a baby now. I was talking to pehpot before about breastfeeding and she shared the same sentiment about breastfeeding. She says how blissful it was and how she bonds more with her kids.

Chris: You will never how it feels until you become one. I cherished and enjoyed motherhood so much. My experience caring for a newborn baby as a first time parent was positive and went better than what I expected. I was able to witness every milestone and enjoy babyhood of my child. Special moments which went by too fast! And that's one reason why started Mommy Moments. *smiles

Host: Ah so all Moms, in a way, reserves their Mommy Moments through your meme. Well done Mommy Chris and kudos to you for bringingMommy Momentsto all the Mommy in the blogniverse.

Aside from being a Mommy, Chris is also a follower of Jesus, head on to her for inspirational blog,Inspirational Insights.

Again, thanks for being with us here and see you all on Wednesday for another episode of

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