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Modern Family

Posted May 14 2010 7:06am

Most fairy tales finish with a happy ending, but the story does still come to an end.

Our story, too, includes a happy ending, only it’s just the beginning to a new chapter.

I am thankful for your support and grateful for the advice, encouragement and insight you provided as I shared my story with you over the last several months, the one that Mr. Right has starred in with me – our adventure in this long-distance romance.

Our relationship works for so many reasons, although the distance and time spent apart isn’t working, which is why we have decided to finally (eventually) transition to a same-city partnership.

Partnerships, at least successful ones, don’t happen overnight. There are a great many details that must be discussed before we can move forward and put these plans into action.

That is what the next six months will be about. Our happily ever after is just around the corner and we know there are several ways to get there, we’re just taking our time in mapping out what the path before us will look like. What we know for sure is that Mr. Right will be moving here. We will finally be together.

I’m very excited. I’m both anxious and eager for Mr. Right to become a full-time member of our modern, blended little family. I’m overwhelmed at the idea and thrilled to have such an exciting adventure to look forward to.

Fifteen years in the making. It’s still very surreal but I keep pinching myself to remind me that this is no longer just a dream. It’s really happening!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. It’s been a fun, exciting ride and it’s only going to get better.

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