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Mission: To find easy cooking recipes

Posted Apr 04 2010 5:43am

tumblr_kx4z6ifTGG1qzv83io1_500_large With Winter just around the corner (although with this weather, you wouldn’t know it!), I’ve decided to go on a search for some easy cooking recipes to make in the slow cooker.

There’s nothing better on a cold, miserable Winter’s day than having the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen and the heat from the cooker helping warm the place up.

I usually just buy the packet mixes to add to whatever meat and veg I’m cooking but I want to expand my cooking knowledge and skills by teaching myself how to cook more meals from scratch…and hopefully save money while doing it.

We already have some favourites like my Cola Chicken and my lamb shanks in a mushroom sauce and a few others but it does get a bit boring having the same meals over a 2 week period. I’ve come across a few good websites with slow cooker recipes so I’ll be sharing those in another post. Keep watching!

I tend to do more baking during winter as well. Our home is small enough for the the oven to help heat it up and keep us all toasty and warm. Not sure how “green” it is but I figure I’m killing two birds with one stone by baking the kids some treats and warming the house up at the same time.

It’s no wonder that we all get a little chubby in the colder months! "Kids, I made 100s of cupcakes and muffins and apple pies to keep you warm now you’d better eat them!” LOL

It would probably make sense to buy another heater or two, me thinks!

Do you have any favourite recipe websites? Feel free to add the links in the comments section to share with everyone :)

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