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Mission: decrapifying the lounge room

Posted Jan 16 2010 9:56pm

Finally finished!

This morning when I got up, I set my Facebook status to “working on getting this house decrapified today”.

Don’t you just LURVE that word – decrapifying? That’s exactly what it feels like I’m doing in this house! LOL I saw the word on someone’s blog but unfortunately I don’t remember who. I would have loved to give them linky love for it!

But I digress.

I had no intention of getting the whole house done in one day and it’s a good thing I didn’t expect to finish everything today because I’ve only just sat down after working on the lounge room all day. I tell you, if you’re trying to lose weight, throw away your lipozene pills and come on over because this is going to be a workout trying to get this house in order….

Before: (it’s not often I take a photo without tidying up A LITTLE but this morning I decided I was going to show how bad this place gets….


Above – this is what I saw this morning when I got up. Granted I’m using the coffee table as my office at the moment so a lot of that mess on the table is mine but there’s toys on the floor, Bill’s shoes under my hall stand, a Christmas gift for a friend that we haven’t caught up with yet…….


Above – again, toys on the floor, and if it looks like that bookcase on the right looks wonky, it’s because it is! The weight of all of Bill’s books has made it collapse so I need to get everything off it and get Bill to fix it up for me. I could do it myself but I like to make my husband feel useful ;P


Above – ok what can we see….yes, the box for the ab circle pro is still sitting there. (I’ve been meaning to share what we think of it too…stay tuned for that). I can see more toys behind the lounge, crap in the baskets and on top of the filing cabinet, a towel (?) and boxes. The top one is empty and needs to be torn up and thrown in the recycle bin and the one underneath has the Acer laptops that we reviewed. I’m still waiting for the Acer people to arrange a courier to come pick them up.

SO………….after spending the best of today “decrapifying” we’re left with this now….



Above – YAY! coffee table almost looks like a coffee table again LOL No toys on the floor but there is a small pile of paperwork in front of the filing cabinet that I need to get to. I also moved the hall stand away from behind the door. Bit now it looks bare so I’m going to have to find something else for there now. And I’ve realised how bare the walls are too now that the Christmas tree has been put away. Need to do something about that.

012 Above -  ok, so here I swapped bookshelves. I put Bill’s books on the shelves on the left. I figured my books don’t weigh as much as, so they’ll be ok on the other one for now.

013 Above – See where I put the hall stand on the left there? I tidied up the baskets and had to stick that stupid purple thing there. It’s going to disappear soon, me thinks. I’ve got a real problem with knick knacks at the moment and would be more than willing just to toss them. And yes, still waiting for the courier to come.

Oh, and darling husband? See the basket below that’s sitting on the hall stand? It’s not hard to stick your wallet and keys in it when you walk in the door. Please refrain from just putting them down anywhere and then blaming everyone ‘cos you can’t remember where you put them. Kthxbai.


Stay tuned for the decrapifying of my dining room.

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