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Posted Sep 30 2008 11:12am

Experiencing a miscarriage is devastating, it can cause you to feel alone and isolated and probably even ask yourself if you were to blame. 

There are many reasons why a miscarriage can occur. 

50% of pregnancies miscarry before implantation in the womb takes place and even early after plantation 30% of women may miscarry, but why? 

  • Bad luck is one reason. When you conceive half the genes come from the sperm and the other half from the egg, so sometimes when conception happens and the genes merge they may miss some of the information and the pregnancy is destined not to be.
  • It could also be that the baby did not implant itself properly.
  • Other medical factors are related to maternal age, poorly controlled diabetes and smoking to name a few.


If you have experienced a miscarriage don’t put blame on yourself, by thinking that if you hadn’t eaten spicy food or maybe didn’t rush around so much things may have been different. Many women miscarry and many more than once. Talk to your partner and discuss your feelings. 

You may feel like you want to start trying for another baby straight away but it is recommended that you wait until you have had three periods after a miscarriage. 

Don’t forget to ask your doctor for any advice on proceeding with a new pregnancy.

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