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MINT Museum of Toys – Will Your Child Love it?

Posted Jul 29 2011 11:18am

No school for the Primary Two Keatkeat today because of Sports Day for the Upper Primary. What better day is there than today to use the voucher we bought earlier for the MINT Museum of Toys. We paid half price for the entrance fee, or you can say we had a buy-one-get-one-free-deal! *smile*

This award winning Museum, in my view, was camouflaged by the wine bar restaurant. It is nothing like the usual Big Museum building, which we are so familiar with. So we did contemplate a little before we decided to walk into the small lane to check it out.

So with the voucher, we paid $22.50. Well, there is a 2 adults 2 children family package from MINT Museum of Toys which cost $36. Still, we paid a much ‘better’ price. Nice!

It was a pity that we had eaten our lunch before the visit, or else we could enjoy a 10% discount on all a la carte menu items from the Mr Punch Restaurant & Winebar which is just infront and below the MINT Museum of Toys.

Alright, just in case you did not know, MINT stands for Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. Indeed it was a walk back to good old childhood days.

We were advised to take the lift up to the highest level of MINT Museum of Toys ~ 5th Level and walk our way down.

Level 5 is OUTERSPACE theme, where you meet your Star Wars heros and Robots of all sorts.

Level 4 is CHARACTERS theme, where you can find Batman, Green Hornet, Superman, Bruce Lee, Astroboy, Gigantor, Ultraman, Disneyland icons, Popeye, TinTin and many others.

It was shocking to see the estimated value of some of the Toys!


Level 3 is CHILDHOOD FAVOURITES theme, where I found myself having goosebumps, because those toys or games bring back memories that are so dear to me.

Level 3 was also a great place for my boys to exercise AND relax their tired legs…

Level 2 is COLLECTABLES theme, where Beatles and Monkees Memorabillia, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Memorabillia, James Bond, Pedal Cars and Mobo Toys are found.

When we saw the great display of matchsticks box car collectibles, Allan and I told my boys that they should really start ‘keeping’ their Hot Wheels Cars! *laugh*

Level 1 is MINT Shop. How could we leave the MINT Museum of Toys without getting any souvenir? *wink* The boys each bought two transformable toys, which were sold at $1.00 each.

Will your child love MINT Museum of Toys? Well, my boys did.

However, if it was not for the discounted price of $22.50, I would not have visited the place.

*Shrugged* Maybe its the ‘teeny weeny stingy soul’ in me that makes me feel it was not a value-for-money place for kids.

26 Seah Street

Have your child visited the MINT Museum of Toys at Seah Street yet?

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