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Merry Christmas From Jenny!

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:02pm

If you are related to Jenny, if you’re her kids’ teacher, if you go to her church, if you have ever laid eyes on her, or if you even stumble across this blog… your house is going to smell great this year, because look what Jenny’s giving you for Christmas!

glade candles

That’s right. Jenny’s on a Glade candle kick again.

You may remember this post, when Jenny told us about buying 12 Glade candles. Or this one, in which she bought 10. Or in any number of other posts, in which, according to my rough estimation, she purchased at least 51 additional glade candles.

And you may also remember this post, in which I gently encouraged Jenny to SEEK HELP for her disorder.

But, alas, she did not heed my warning, and she is at it again.

That stash in that picture up there? She tells me that she got paid about $14 to buy them. You know, by using coupons and witchcraft and other assorted trickery.

I think she probably stuffed them under her shirt and took off.

And guess what she’s doing right this minute?? Going to Target to buy more.

The girl is nuts. Nuts, I tell you!

So Merry Christmas from Jenny. I hope you have some matches.

If you’d like to become addicted to get some Glade candles for free too, check out Marcy’s post here! NOT that I am promoting hoarding ( *ahem*JENNY*ahem* ).

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