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Mental Health Days

Posted Nov 19 2012 2:58pm

I don’t think any character grabs my heart and funny bone more than Anne Shirley of “Anne of Green Gables”. Sophie and I went to see the play yesterday afternoon and we just loved it! Sophie has seen the movies and loved them. She watched them with my Mom and another lady and her Granddaughter. Mom made them all tea and set up a small table for the girls and they poured tea, drank tea and had cookies while watching back to back Anne of Green Gables. Isn’t that fun?

Who could not love Anne Shirley? She is simply scrumptious and not just because she uses that word in almost every sentence but she is truly a delightful character. Sophie laughed at all the funny parts and kept wondering if the girl who played Anne Shirley in the play really had red hair. She would roll her eyes and shake her head every time the character Matthew, in his indecisive (or just plain smart man politics) ways, would say, “I didn’t say she did and I didn’t say she didn’t…”

It was a wonderful girl day. On the way there we listened to the new Gungor CD which is awesome. Sophie loved it and wanted to listen to it going to bed. It really is a fabulous unique art style all together. I can’t even explain it really. I think the live version is the best one –  a creation liturgy. It’s a little weird but that makes it so intriguing.

Randy and Mitchell didn’t care anything about seeing Anne of Green Gables but they did get in a boys day on Friday. It wasn’t supposed to be that but Mitch had a Dr’s appointment and I had Mom’s In Prayer so Randy took him to the Doctor. Then they went to visit someone in the hospital and then they just decided to skip the rest of school. Instead of returning to school they felt it educationally necessary to wander off to Gander Mountain to look at guns and then to the guitar shop where they tuned into fine arts. Or rather just played with all the electric guitars. They had a great day together. Hey, we all need a mental health day, right? I hope his teacher sees it that way. (Fingers crossed)

Photo: Boys day out!! Skippin' school. Please don't tell Mr. Scott.

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