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Me, Mary Kay, Lush and My Skin

Posted Feb 02 2013 12:00am

I was 12 when I was first introduced to a "skincare system".

I know that kind of sounds weird, but hear me out.

My mother had met a woman who sold Mary Kay, and she had us over to her house for one of the parties. It was my first exposure into multilevel skincare, and my first exposure into home sales. It was also the first time I had ever worn make up, other than on stage, and I was mesmerized.

Mascara? Sign me up. Give me the blush, the foundation, all of it. I became a skincare and makeup junkie. That first Mary Kay party was the gateway into the skin care and makeup world for me. I know that my mom thought it was a bunch of hoo-haa and "here, come buy more stuff from me and hey, why not join my selling group?" - but I love me some face stuffs.

Over the years, I've tried various skincare routines. I tried Noxzema for a while, Clearasil, Clinique, and even delved once into a super spendy company that was publicized as providing skincare sets to the stars in Grammy night. I've bought products at grocery stores, speciality stores, Sephora, kiosks in the mall, online - really anywhere you could buy a skincare product, and just about any type, I've tried it. I've tried different soaps, lotions, creams, toners, and on and on. My skin has been buffed, polished, cleansed and otherwise thoroughly prepared for life.

It all began at the Mary Kay party. There I learned about the steps for skincare: wash with a nonsoap cleanser, repair the pH balance with the toner, and then add on some moisturizer. With few exceptions, I've not deviated from this routine, although I have changed up the brands. My skin feels weird if I don't use a toner.

My current products of use have been my favorites for quite a while. I'm not looking to change them, as I get a fair amount of compliments on my skin. (See also: it's not very spendy and it's quick. I am allllll about the quick.)

Currently, I use Lush Coalface soap. Yes, I know above I said don't use a soap, but what can I say – I'm a hypocrite. It seriously one of the best soaps I've ever used to keep my skin acne free. Then I use the Burts bees toner, and I never use moisturizer.

Never. I never use moisturizer or eye cream, although I often think I should. I'm not skilled enough to miss sticking the eye cream in my eyes. I just use those two products, and the Proactiv mask that I swipe from my kids - the big three use that religiously - it's truly the best stuff I've ever found for acne.

I was thinking about this last night, as I washed my face - how it all began at that Mary Kay party. And it lead me to wonder - what products do you swear by for your skin? Let's talk cleansing right now - we'll do makeup next post.


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