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Margarita Chicken Recipe

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

Today, I'll be sharing an easy recipe for Margarita Chicken. Summer is almost here. I love summer. During the summer, we spend nearly all of our free time by our backyard pool. I refuse to be cooped up in the kitchen cooking dinner while everyone else is outside lounging poolside. So, over the years, I have found a handful of wonderful & easy summer recipes that I absolutely love. I discovered this particular recipe while we were living in San Antonio, Texas. You're gonna love it too.

Put your apron on! This is a simple one. There are only three ingredients. Chicken. Frozen margarita mix. And chicken seasonings. How easy is that?

Ingredients for Margarita Chicken Recipe

Place the chicken in a glass pan. Season it up real good. See how easy this is.

Seasoning for Margarita Chicken Recipe

You could add a 4th ingredient if you like. Tequila. But, it's optional. Mix the margarita concentrate with 1 can of liquid (water and/or tequila) and pour over the chicken.

Easy Chicken Recipe

Now, go find something else to do for a few hours while that marinates covered in the refrigerator. How will you spend your time? You could take a flamenco lesson. Or serenade your true love. Or just lounge by the pool in your sombrero.

Sombrero Sue

But, watch out for the paparazzi. When you're Drama Queen, one of the members of the Apron Queen family, the paparazzi is always trying to snap a few quick pictures for the gossip magazines.

Sunbonnet Sue

Alrighty, now that you've worked on your tan a bit. And even chased off the paparazzi. Delegate grill duty to your hubby. Have him take the chicken out of the marinade & grill it over the fire. Nothing complicated about that, is there? Then, head on inside to whip some side dishes real quick.

Easy Mexican Rice Recipe

Throw a can of tomatoes (juice & all) in a glass bowl with some Minute Rice. Add in some diced bell peppers and garlic too if you're feeling colorful. Cover it & pop it in the microwave according to the directions on the box. Four servings only takes about 8 minutes to cook. When it's done, stick some black beans in there too.

Also, bring a pot of water to boil. Plop in a few ears of fresh corn and about 1/4 cup of sugar to sweeten it up a bit. Don't use salt in the water, it'll toughen up the corn. Boil for just about 5 minutes. See, I told you these were easy.

Easy Margarita Chicken Recipe

Oh my! Do you see the delicious meal you've made? And it was so easy, wasn't it? But, you don't have to tell anyone how easy it was if you don't want to. You can act like it was real hard. They'll believe you. Oh, and don't forget a few frozen margaritas to wash it all down with.


The sombrero is optional though.

Sunbonnet Sue in her Sombrero

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